Marco Guido draws from over ten years of diverse field, political, and communications experience that has allowed him to identify solutions to multifaceted problems and complex situations with great success as illustrated by his ability to design, implement and manage political, initiative and corporate campaigns in over twenty-five states. In 2014 Guido oversaw grassroots operations in 6 US Senate races.


During 2013, Guido managed grassroots independent expenditures (IE) for Senator Ed Markey (MA) and Governor Terry McAuliffe (VA). In 2012, he oversaw three grassroots US Senate IE campaigns for the LCV in Massachusetts, Arizona, and New Mexico. In addition, he served as general consultant for the Our Washington IE to elect Governor Jay Inslee in 2012 and Cambiando California IE to elect Governor Jerry Brown in 2010.


In 2011 Guido led the voter education campaign for the Service Employee International Union, to keep “Stop Special Interest Money Now” off the ballot in California. During the 2010 cycle, he was the day-to-day manager to prevent the “Any Willing Provider” and “Better Courts for Missouri” initiatives from reaching the ballot in Missouri while overseeing all paid grassroots programs for Senator Michael Bennet (CO). Guido has also advised numerous organizations and corporations on grassroots public affairs and marketing strategies. Prior to consulting, Guido spent several years working on campaigns in Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Nevada, Maryland, and Palestine.

Guido received his undergraduate degree from the University of San Diego and resides in Southern California.