Volkswagen "Think Tiguan"


During the summer of 2013, Volkswagen (VW) America approached Terra Strategies to develop an outside-the-box grassroots marketing campaign. At the time, VW was running a traditional marketing campaign (TV, Mail, Digital) around their compact SUV, the Tiguan. VW decided that Seattle would be the ideal market to pilot a grassroots marketing campaign.


We commissioned a modeling project around dealerships in Puget Sound. Once complete, individuals within a 5-mile radius of a VW dealership were assigned a “Tiguan Score.” Terra worked with the team of VW marketing consultants to decide which turf had the greatest diversity and highest scores.


After creating a database, our canvass teams set out into neighborhoods knocking targeted doors. When someone answered the door, the canvassers introduced themselves and played a promotional video on a multimedia device. Upon pressing play, the canvass team driver, who was in a Tiguan, would be notified of the canvassers’ location and would head in that direction. Upon arriving at the door, the target would have the opportunity to explore the Tiguan. We would ask each target for their email address, cell phone, and sign them up for a test drive. At the end of each shift, dealership managers would receive a schedule of test drives and a list of hot leads.


The Result


Over the course of the grassroots marketing campaign, terra had a contact rate of 32%. Of the 32% of targets contacted, 12% signed up for test drives. When VW America measured the Seattle grassroots-marketing pilot against the control group, who received mail and digital advertisement, they found that sales were 14.7% higher than the control group.